Why You Should Be Eating Turkey Tail Mushrooms

It doesn’t come as a surprise that mushrooms are being more and more researched and sold in markets due to the various benefits they provide in the health field. You can easily find mushrooms in the vegetable corner of the grocery store, as supplementary diets in pharmacies, and even as coffee mixtures on online websites.

The wonders of mushrooms, and how they’re increasingly being incorporated in our daily diet are limitless! Eastern medicine has made use of mushrooms for centuries, however, it’s only being gradually added in the western tradition in recent times.

What is Turkey Tail Mushroom?

Turkey Tail, is also known as Trametes Versicolor or Coriolus Versicolor. This mushroom has been given its renowned name due to the striking color of the mushroom body in tan, brown, white, and grey color.

Simultaneously, the pattern of this mushroom is set in circular designs making it look similar to a turkey’s tail, hence the name as well.

Turkey Tail has also been titled ‘swirling clouds’ by the traditional Chinese due to its physical similarity to clouds due to its color and pattern. Turkey Tail is packed full of nutrients with mycelium, giving it its beneficial properties in the medical field.

 Historical Benefits of Turkey Tail

It has even been known as the “mushroom of immortality” sacred to sons of gods in Egyptian history. It was only supposed to be available to the Egyptian royalty, and not the common people.

Consequently, Turkey Tail was highly valued throughout history. To date, Turkey Tail is widely popular as the mushroom for longevity and health.

 Benefits of Turkey Tail

You’ve probably heard the craze on Turkey Tail going about, but you’re still wondering what is it all about? Here are some of the few medical properties and health benefits this mushroom incorporates in it. Once you know all these benefits, you’re bound to want to try Turkey Tail and include it in your daily diet. Here are a few of the benefits:  

Packed with Antioxidant Properties

 The human body tends to go into oxidative stress due to the imbalance of oxidative within. The imbalance leads to diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Similarly, Oxidative stress increases chronic inflammation in the body.

Moreover, it also induces cellular damage that leads to chances of more free radicals within the body that results in cancer. Turkey Tail is packed full of antioxidants that help neutralize and balance out the oxidative stress in the body and decrease the chances of diseases caused by the imbalance.

Immune-Boosting Properties

Your body needs several immune cells to be activated and others to be inhibited to fight against various diseases that enter the body. Turkey Tail has immune-boosting properties that activate the right immune cells and helps in decreases inflammation throughout the body.

The activation of immune cells leads to the production of more white blood cells that are integral in fighting off viruses that enter the body. Moreover, immune cells are also required to fight the toxins present in the body.

Anti-Cancer Agent

Turkey Tail has Polysaccharide Peptide (PSP) and Krestin (PSK) properties within it which act as natural anti-cancer agents. This is used for two main reasons for cancer patients: Firstly, it fights against free radicals that cause cancer and simultaneously reduce the spread of cancer cells in the body.

Studies conducted on mice also show promising results by Turkey Tail to reduce the growth of tumors. Secondly, Turkey Tail is used as additional support while cancer patients undergo chemotherapy for increasing immunity and helping patients cope with chemo treatment.

Weight Loss

 If you’re struggling with losing weight to achieve a healthier figure, you’ve been missing out on Turkey Tail mushroom.

This mushroom provides you with all the essential nutrients that your body needs while balancing the calorie intake of your body, leading to a more controlled diet which helps in losing weight. You won’t be depriving your body of nutritional value while also getting to your ideal weight figure.

Controls Diabetes

Another benefit of Turkey Tail mushroom is that it’s another medicinal mushroom that is known for helping control the level of glucose in the blood. Individuals suffering from diabetes have problems controlling their blood glucose due to resistance of the body to insulin production. Turkey Tail levels the sugar level in blood and is thus a beneficial ingredient for diabetes patients to add in their daily routine.

Increased Endurance

By adding Turkey Tail to your daily routine your body simultaneously starts building up endurance and you’re less likely to get fatigued during exercise. This is due to the reason that Turkey Tail has nutrient properties in it that increases the body’s strength and balances the use of oxygen such that you can exercise for longer intervals without getting tired too early!

Gut Health

Your gut health is integral to the body’s overall immunity as well as keeping the digestive system on track. The health of your gut is important if you want your body to successfully fight against diseases that attack the body. Turkey Tail strengthens the immune system of your gut, giving an immunity boost to your overall body as well.

How To Add Turkey Tail In Your Diet

You can add Turkey Tail in your daily diet in a variety of methods. Turkey Tail can be eaten whole by cooking it in soups and salads since it has a mild taste without bitterness as is common with several other medicinal mushrooms.

However, many find Turkey Tail to be chewy, making it a difficult ingredient to work within the culinary arts. For this reason, Turkey Tail is more readily used in soothing teas, smoothies, coffee, etc. using the mushroom extract or product mixture available in markets.

You can also always buy supplements of this superfood to get the medical benefits of it without having to eat it. A fun fact is that the supplements of Turkey Tail mushroom can be taken by both you and your pet dog, so you both can make your immune system stronger with these supplements!

The only precaution to take care of is to remain within the safe limit i.e. 3g on a daily, and not to exceed this quantity. 

Side Effects of Turkey Tail 

While Turkey Tail has numerous benefits and is generally safe to be taken on a daily routine, some people might experience side effects by taking this mushroom. The symptoms of Turkey Tail side effects include gas, dark feces, and bloating if taken on a daily.

For patients undergoing cancer treatment and taking Turkey Tail for boosting their immunity, they might experience nausea, loss of appetite, and vomiting. Darkening of fingernails may also occur in some people with daily consumption of Turkey Tail.

Therefore, it’s best to consult your doctor before you start taking Turkey Tail in your daily routine, in case you’re allergic to it. Women who are pregnant should avoid taking Turkey Tail due to the lack of research on the side effects on pregnant women.


That’s a wrap, folks. If you’re still thinking you should start trying out Turkey Tail to live a longer and healthier life, stop thinking and go for it already! Turkey Tail is a magical mushroom you shouldn’t be missing out on.


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