What do Black Truffles Taste Like?

What Does Black Truffle Taste Like & Why Are They So Expensive If you’ve not tried out black truffles, your palette is missing out. Although they are a real treat that everyone should try at least once, a fresh truffle is pricey and a rarity. Nevertheless, fresh truffles are mouth-watering and infuse a bold, earthy, … Read more

Old Man of the Woods Mushroom Guide

Old Man of the Woods Mushroom Guide – An Edible & Wild Mushroom If you’ve learned how to forage mushrooms and have stumbled upon one that looks like a pine cone on your adventure, there’s a chance it’s the Old Man of the Woods mushroom. Its eccentric name comes from the resemblance to an old … Read more

Winter Black Truffles

Busting 10 Popular Myths About Winter Black Truffle Let’s face it. At many restaurant tables, it’s as though each plate of food gets truffle treatment. From outlandish ideas such as black truffle ice cream to truffle fries, you can’t deny that the subterranean mushroom has been cropping up on various restaurant menus. The winter black … Read more

Are Mushrooms a Vegetable?

Are Mushrooms a Vegetable & Where Do They Fit on the Food Pyramid? It’s no secret that mushrooms have been part of the human diet for decades and are a delight in a vast assortment of dishes. However, there’s one question that keeps cropping up. Are mushrooms a vegetable? While mushrooms are typically classified as … Read more

The Mysterious Jack O’ Lantern Mushroom

The Jack O’Lantern Mushroom The Jack O’Lantern mushroom is classified into two main species; Omphalotus illudens from the East and Omphalotus olearius from the West. It is a poisonous mushroom, meaning it’s not edible, named after its glow and dark orange color. Since this mushroom is poisonous and commonly mistaken for edible species like Chanterelle, … Read more

Mushroom Cluster Info – What Kind of Mushroom Grows in Clusters?

Mushroom Cluster Info – What Kind of Mushroom Grows in Clusters? Throughout history, there’s no doubt that people across the globe have foraged mushrooms for food. Gathering mushrooms in clusters can also be an interesting and fulfilling hobby. Nonetheless, it’s important to know the mushroom cluster species that are safe for consumption, mouth-watering, and packed … Read more

The Role of Hyphae in Fungi

Fungi are complex organisms with incredibly hyper-connected functions and fascinating forms.  An essential and critical part of all fungi are the hyphae, or as it is collectively known, mycelium. The role of hyphae cannot be understated; the fungi will not exist without it as it gives the mushroom life. What Are Hyphae? Fungi produce long, … Read more

How do I Make Mushroom Tinctures at Home?

A Guide to Making Mushroom Tinctures At Home You might have noticed the recent growing trend of medicinal mushrooms for health benefits. Let’s admit the facts, buying medicinal mushrooms might cost you more than you’d want to spend on them. But if you also want to benefit from this superfood, the easy way to go … Read more