About Us

Hi I’m Wendy and I am a mushroom hunter.  My love for mushrooms started in 2004.  I had just finished a year of exploration in and around Avon, Colorado.  After an early summer in Texas, my best friend and I decided to go back to Colorado and explore as much of the state as we could.

Long story short, by August I found myself in Telluride, Colorado at The Mushroom Festival which is held annually.  Guess what?  It changed my life!  I found something I was extremely passionate about; foraging for edible mushrooms.  Foraging opened up so many things in my ever-changing and growing world.  Through my life’s ups and downs, foraging for mushrooms has been a consistent place of peace.

Now that I’m living in the Pacific Northwest, I feel as though I’m in my golden hour.  Mycology will always tickle my brain.  This blog is a creative outlet for me.  I am so very grateful to share my love for the magic of fungus with you.  Cheers to you all.  May your hunt be fruitful or at the very least, a great adventure!