Mushroom Coffee Mix as a Superfood

Mushroom Coffee Mix as a Superfood

Mushroom coffee sounds like a random and, at first glance, an unappealing combination. But in truth, switching to mushroom coffee is one of the smartest things you can do if you’re a coffee drinker! If you have a challenging time adding mushrooms to your diet or dislike the taste of mushrooms, mushroom coffee may be worth giving a shot!

What is mushroom coffee mix?

Mushroom coffee mix is regular black coffee that is infused with medicinal and edible mushrooms of different varieties. They are either boiled and liquefied into an extract or boiled, dried and ground into a fine powder. Coffee beans may also be soaked in the extract then ground. The resulting coffee contains extra nutrients and minerals while maintaining the extra jolt for the day.

 How much caffeine is in mushroom coffee?

It may depend what company you buy your product from but the beverage has half the amount of caffeine than standard coffee. According to the United States Department of Agriculture national database an 8 ounce cup of coffee which contains 95mg of caffeine.

The caffeine content of mushroom coffee is similar to that of green tea, which has 50mg of caffeine per eight ounces. The benefit of mushroom coffee is that the morning jitters are reduced while the overall wellness is enhanced. 

Does mushroom coffee taste good?

The coffee does not have a typical mushroomy taste. It will taste just like any other blend you would normally taste. Typically, the species used in the powder have a more muted, earthy flavor compared to Portobello or white button mushrooms which have more of a rich and meaty undertone. Mushrooms’ earthy flavor complements bold, roasted coffee beans, providing a smoother flavor.

What kinds of mushrooms are used in mushroom coffee?

The most commonly used mushrooms are Lion’s Mane, Chaga, and Cordyceps. Lion’s Mane have a more sweet and savory flavor. Chaga mushrooms contain an earthy flavor with a slight bitterness, and Cordyceps which have a savory, deep earthy-nutty flavor

Is mushroom coffee healthy?

Cooked mushrooms have high levels of antioxidants and other compounds that may enhance your focus and thinking capabilities. Studies have suggested they’re great for lowering anxiety and supporting the adrenal glands. Geranium, also found in mushrooms, enables the body to use oxygen more efficiently while reducing damage caused by free radicals. 

Mushroom coffee may also provide immunity, improve memory, boost concentration and support cognitive function. Mushroom coffee can also lower stress, calm the nervous system and improve sleep quality (don’t drink it before bed though!)

What are the health benefits of mushroom coffee?

Mushrooms are also a rich source of vitamins and minerals such as selenium, potassium and copper. They also contain calcium that helps maintain healthy bones and prevent joint complications. The benefits of the coffee vary by the fungi used in the mushroom powder.

For example, a Maitake mushroom blend is believed to help regulate blood sugar levels.  It is a type of adaptogen, which assist the body in fighting against any type of mental or physical stressor. Meanwhile, Chaga mushroom helps counteract the acid in coffee that typically results in upset stomachs.

How do you make mushroom coffee?

Mushroom coffee is made using mushrooms that are picked, dried and then ground into a powder or boiled, then liquefied. The beans are ground and mixed with the powder or soaks in the liquid infused mushrooms then ground.

You would then make the coffee as you would normally make a pot of coffee. Mushroom coffee can also be bought in single serve packets depending on what company you buy from. 

Can you put mushroom powder in coffee?

Yes! You can add mushrooms powder to hot chocolate and tea as well. If you don’t enjoy cooked mushrooms you can also add this powder to foods for the added nutrients. 


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